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The 12 Best and Worst Things That Could Happen After Your Freelance Article Is Accepted

By: Susan Shapiro |
|  Comments 0

The newspaper, magazine or web editor loves the freelance article you submitted and says “Yes!” Before you jump up and down and share the news to your 10,000 social media friends, beware the worst that has happened to more than one freelance writer—but also be hopeful for the best things too!

18 Ways to Write Funnier Fast

By: Susan Shapiro |
|  Comments 0

We’re not all comedy writers, but many of us want to write a funny story or incorporate funny scenes into a novel. In this excerpt from The Byline Bible, Susan Shapiro offers 18 quick and easy ways to improve at eliciting laughs from your readers.

The Lowdown on Libel: Understanding What Libel Means for Writers

By: Guest Column |
|  Comments 0

When contemplating whether to pen something potentially controversial, your best defense is knowing when your work is protected and when it crosses the line. While libel laws vary from state to state, there are general principles you can rely upon.

Writing for Magazines: How to Land a Magazine Assignment

By: Kerrie Flanagan |
|  Comments 2

Writing for magazines is a lot like catching a fish. It requires the right bait, understanding the conditions, finesse with timing and most of all, persistence. When it all comes together, the time and effort are worth it when you net the big one.

13 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sign That Book Contract or Take That Freelance Writing Job

By: Jeff Somers |
|  Comments 0

In a competitive industry, it’s easy to feel like publishers hold all the power. But the truth is they need good content—and writers have a right to not be fleeced. Here are some situations when the best option just might be to walk away from that book contract or that freelance…

Freelance Writers Workshop: Submitting Personal Essays

By: Tyler Moss |
|  Comments 0

Submitting personal essays might just be your best way to break into freelance writing.

Ghostwriting: A Business Blueprint You Need to Succeed

By: Guest Column |
|  Comments 5

There’s a big difference between landing one or two gigs and making a career of ghostwriting—or any kind of writing, for that matter. Use this plan for long-term, full-time success.

The Copy Editing and Proofreading Checklist All Writers Need

By: Guest Column |
|  Comments 0

Here are 26 important items you should check when copy editing and proofreading your manuscript.

The 8 Perks of Writing a Column

By: Guest Column |
|  Comments 0

Editors are always looking for knowledgeable, entertaining, dependable freelance columnists to fill their ever-recurring white space. Become one and enjoy these potential perks.

Want to Write a Column? Here are 7 Key Tips You Need to Know

By: Guest Column |
|  Comments 3

A quality column takes consistent effort, thought, and much rewriting. My experience writing several columns and the advice of several column writers I interviewed pinpoint seven of the most important and challenging considerations.

5 Reasons You Should Pitch Your Writing to Smaller Markets

By: Guest Column |
|  Comments 0

Small-circulation publications are often overlooked, but they offer big perks to writers who are willing to reach out.

How Being a Journalist Can Help You Write a Novel

By: Guest Column |
|  Comments 3

Whenever I pitched my book to an agent, I was always quick to point out I’d been a reporter for almost two decades. They’d have to take me somewhat seriously because everyone knows journalists can write. Right? If only that were true.

When Should You Send Holiday-Themed Queries?

By: Brian A. Klems |
|  Comments 2

Magazines are always looking for holiday-themed articles. But if you pitch your idea too late, you won’t get it published. Here’s what you need to know when querying magazine editors your holiday-themed articles.

10 Reasons Why Freelance Writers Shouldn’t Use Autocorrect on Mobile Gadgets

By: Guest Column |
|  Comments 7

I strongly recommend bloggers to turn off the autocorrect on your phone. And here are 10 reasons to assure you.

Ideation Vacation: How to Come Up with New Article Ideas

By: Guest Column |
|  Comments 6

This guest post is written by Zachary Petit. Zachary is the author of The Essential Guide to Freelance Writing: How to Write, Work, and Thrive on Your Own Terms. He’s also the editor in chief of Print, a seventy-five-year-old National Magazine Award-winning publication about graphic design and culture. Formerly he was the…

Writing Novels – 8 Things You Need to Know (From a Former Journalist)

By: Guest Column |
|  Comments 0

I’ve been a journalist for a long time. Now I write mystery novels about a fictional journalist. My old friends from the newsroom say to me: “Wow, you’ve got it easy these days. All you have to do at your job is make stuff up.” Well, yes and no. Here are…

careers for english majors | freelance writing skills

The 3 Skills Every Successful Freelance Writer Must Have

By: Courtney Carpenter |
|  Comments 5

Today’s writing tip discusses freelancing for a living. If you are thinking about becoming a freelance writer and wondering what skills you need to survive within the freelancing world, today’s writing tip from I’m an English Major–Now What? can help. Whether you are writing, editing, or both, being a freelancer is…

Starting a Freelance Career: A Couple Frequently Asked Questions

By: Courtney Carpenter |
|  Comments 25

Are you new to writing and exploring what type of writing you want to do? This eBook excerpt, How Do I Start a Freelance Career?, from the Beginning Writer’s Answer Book, covers everything from freelance writing to technical writing and writing for niches – such as comic strips, book reviews, and more!…

Writer for hire | freelance writing secrets

Writing a Query Letter: The Best Way To Land Your Next Freelance Writing Gig

By: Courtney Carpenter |
|  Comments 0

Are you new to freelance writing or perhaps having trouble selling your work to editors? Today’s tip of the day can help. Kelly James Enger, author of Writer For Hire, explains the importance of writing a query letter and gives an example of one. When you think successful freelancer, what skill…

Freelance Writing: 10 Tips to Better Interviews

By: Alex Palmer |
|  Comments 9

Whether you’re working on an article or researching your book, steal a page from the psychology world using these 10 methods to get the most from your interviews.

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Gene Weingarten Shares his Thoughts on Writing

By: Marc D. Allan |
|  Comments 12

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Gene Weingarten shares his thoughts on writing, reporting and how, exactly, to capture the meaning of life

5 Steps to Transform Meals into Writing Experiences

By: Dianne Jacob |
|  Comments 6

Use these 5 steps to transform any meal or day in the kitchen into a written experience that will leave readers hungry for more.

The Fact-Check Checklist

By: Elizabeth Gehrman |
|  Comments 0

You interviewed your sources for an article, wrote it up and turned it in. Done? Not yet. Often you need to provide backup info for the publication’s fact checkers, and requirements for doing so vary. With that in mind, here’s a checklist to keep even the toughest fact checkers happy—and to…

How to Improve Your Researching Skills and Write Accurately

By: Brian A. Klems |
|  Comments 2

Whether or not you’re already an expert on your topic, it’s vital that you do all the necessary work to get accurate information. Here’s how to guarantee you do that.

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